Spirituality is the human quality that infuses life with meaning

Spirit refers to the life-giving principle. The human force responsible for thinking, motivating, and feeling; the source of our will, consciousness, and thought.

It is derived from the Latin word spiritus which means breath of life or courage. The spirit, then, is what animates us, fills us with life, vigor, and passion. What moves us and gives us a reason to function.


Yoga for Mental Health

Based on mind-body techniques and spiritual inquiry. Aimed at people of all kinds who are suffering from mental health disorders.

Eco Spirituality

We develop solutions that are economically and environmentally sustainable using a holistic approach. We serve nature and people through projects that interweave different levels of meaning and value.


Karma Co. is a non-profit that uses applied spirituality as a tool for social transformation. The spiritual dimension helps us understand the human condition and trigger significant changes, both personally and collectively.

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