Transitioning into a sustainable future is not only urgent, but inevitable

To successfully face what is possibly the greatest challenge in the history of humanity, we must transform the most fundamental feature of our society: the way we see ourselves.

We need a holistic paradigm in ecology and economy.

To get in touch with spirituality is to understand ourselves as human beings, beyond biology and intellect, is finding what moves us and makes sense to us. Thus, we can forge a new relationship with our environment, one based on a development model that puts wellbeing at the center and recognizes the reciprocity between humans and nature. A bond moved by affective forces and not subdued by economic growth.

By integrating the primary motivators of individuals we can make people find meaning in their daily lives and we improve the potential of people to feel satisfied with their lives.

Black Ink Drops
Black Ink Drops
Black Ink Drops

Spiritual traditions understand the complexity of the inner world very well, and propose fundamental tools and knowledge to guide us.


The heart of these doctrines is not limited to understanding this aspect, they also draw up the way to human fulfillment. This is what is called the spiritual path: going from egocentrism to universalism.

The key is to integrate the spiritual dimension

Our Methodology

Our methodology classifies the beliefs and values ​​that make up the worldview of people. Each of these is expressed through different links, emotions, and actions related to:

The sense of self and the material world;

Social identity and the community realm;

The meaning of life and the transpersonal reality.

These different aspects of the inner world are interdependent, they relate to each other very fluidly. The way they influence one another has deep implications for how we conceive our lives and what motivate us.


The spiritual path runs from survival and self-centered concerns to universality through wisdom and altruism. If we can learn these interactions, we can make projects that place greater emphasis on values that improve cooperation and transpersonal satisfaction. Inspiring holistic and deep well-being.


We want to serve all beings in the search for freedom and happiness

When sustainability models are conditioned by profitability, they give a utilitarian meaning to nature. This reinforces the idea that we must build our relationship with nature through exploitation. We end up thinking of biodiversity as a mere resource, which has no intrinsic value beyond money. This makes conservation and sustainability projects fragile because if the incentives disappear, nature will follow.

Through our methodology we can interweave all the fundamental aspects of human existence in projects endowed with material, social and transpersonal meaning. In this way they acquire a broader meaning, stimulate motivation and create more possibilities for well-being for all.

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The change is here and now.


Let's all act,  together we are stronger.

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