It is what allows us to feel fulfilled, face the challenges life presents us, establish healthy relationships, and contribute to our communities.

Today we live in the era of mental illness

The dominant social and economic paradigms put enormous pressure on people. The stress that this generates results in a great number of mental disorders.


These are already the leading cause of disability worldwide and it is estimated that they will continue to increase in future years.

Chronic stress generates a vicious cycle that results in the progressive loss of mental health

The greater the stress that a person bears, the greater the feeling of discomfort in which they live. When we don't feel well, we find it harder to face the challenges of life on a daily basis. This constant feeling of insecurity and uncertainty ends up generating more stress.

Our Model

We focus on improving the quality of life and developing the individual potential of our students to seek their own health, and not just on decreasing their symptoms.

It is based on two main premises:

Induce physiological relaxation

The first step in breaking the stress cycle is to restore the body's ability to relax. Using yoga techniques we induce physiological relaxation through three elements:

1. Progressive muscle relaxation

2. Focal point of attention

3. Discard thoughts.

Spiritual inquiry

Through cognitive tools we promote introspection and reflection. We want to help students detect beliefs that generate thoughts, emotions, and actions that lead to discomfort. We also encourage them to make sense of painful experiences and to seek healthier alternatives for themselves.

Our work

Under the motto " To Build from Adversity" we started a program for breast cancer patients at the National Institute of Cancerology, in Mexico City. In conjunction with our partner MILC, we seek to reduce the levels of anxiety and depression that cancer patients experience through cultivating resilience.


All patients have reported significant increases in their resilience and in their quality of life.

We also work with patients with neuropsychiatric diseases at the National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery in Mexico City. The results with both, hospitalized and outpatient groups, have been very positive.


After participating in our program, patients' mood, quality of life and response to treatment improve significantly.

Together with educational and health institutions, we develop scientific research that allows us to better understand the interaction of the mind and body, always focused on human well-being.


The question is not whether these interactions are real, because there is an enormous number of investigations that affirm it, but rather , how does consciousness participate in them and how can they be used to positively affect general health?

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The change is here and now.


Let's all act, together we are stronger.

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